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Reaping the highest grade benefits can only be derived from 100% authentic and organic Colorado Hemp. The use of chemicals in growing and breeding hemp will reduce the effects and benefits of CBD and hemp oil derived thus limiting the aid it can provide the consumers. In this regard, we only use high-grade CBD from organic hemp.

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Health Benefits of CBD

CBD, organically sourced from high-grade hemp, is packed with high potency in relieving multiple ailments experienced by practically every adult around the world. Organic cannabidiol is proven to have numerous therapeutic properties that are said to:

  • Soothe pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Aid Sleeping disorders
  • And more!

We regulary purchase CBD oil from Hemp Fuison Labs. My headaches stoped very soon and my wife started sleeping better after using CBD oil as well.

Scott and Adriana Richards
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Top Quality CBD Products

We pride ourselves in extracting CBD oil from hemp that is grown free of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals and produced without any additives and preservatives. Hemp Fusion Labs is proud of its standards in creating CBD-infused products. From tinctures to vape products, to delicious treats, we are committed to producing and distributing products made of natural, lab-tested, and organic CBD

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